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The Advantages of a Toyota Windshield

WINDSHIELDS ARE MORE THAN A MEANS TO SEE THE ROAD AHEAD. They actually contribute to the structural integrity of a vehicle, particularly with relation to the strength of the roof and the front body pillars—both critical in a rollover situation. That being the case, windshields need to be considered safety-related components that must be repaired with care.


Both Toyota (TSS) and Lexus (LSS) Safety Sense System features, also referred to as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), are designed to operate through a Genuine Toyota Windshield. These systems include Pre-Collision with Pedestrian Detection (PCS w/PD), Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist (LDA w/SA), and Auto High Beams (AHB). While non-OEM parts may look the same and fit in the same physical space on the vehicle, they may cause Safety Sense Systems to operate incorrectly or not at all. “The only way to be sure that the vehicle safety systems will operate as the Original Equipment (OE) is intended and designed for is to install a Genuine Toyota Windshield,” says Joe DiDonato, Training Instructor for Toyota Collision Refinish and Repair.


  • FORWARD RECOGNITION CAMERA: Detects objects in front of the vehicle and provides input to the Pre-Collision, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Automatic High Beam, and Lane Departure Alert systems. A glass heating element and mounting bracket built specifically into Toyota Genuine OE Windshields helps to provide the camera with clear “vision” to the area ahead of the vehicle required for proper system operation.


  • RAIN SENSOR: Detects the presence of raindrops on the windshield and sends signals to control the wiper speed at the optimal wiper timing. Infrared rays emitted by the rain sensor LED are reflected by a Toyota Genuine Windshield at varying rates depending on the absence or presence of rain.
  • HEADS UP DISPLAY PROJECTOR: Projects vehicle information, such as miles per hour and fuel consumption, onto the windshield for a safe and convenient view while driving. Toyota Genuine Windshields have a wedge-shaped inner film with varying degrees of thickness between the layers of glass designed to clearly display vehicle information without a double image.
  • WINDSHIELD DEICER HEATING ELEMENT: Heats up the windshield to help remove frost and ice where the front wipers rest. A heating element is integrated into the glass of a Toyota Genuine Windshield and the amount of element resistance is designed to operate properly with the electrical system of your customer’s Toyota.
  • UV PROTECTION: Integrated into Toyota Genuine Windshields and is designed to protect against harmful UV rays, up to 100% in some models.
  • ACOUSTIC LAMINATION: Integrated into Toyota Genuine Windshields between the different layers of glass to help reduce ambient noise inside the cabin.

For detailed information on how these systems work, refer to vehicle-specific New Model Features Manuals. For vehicle-specific windshield removal and installation procedures, refer to the Repair Manual instructions and ‘Glass Replacement’ Collision Repair Information Bulletin (CRIB) #127 found on the Toyota Technical Information System (TIS) website: or