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TEAM UP WITH TOYOTA FOR EXPERT ADVICE ON COLLISION REPAIR ESTIMATING, best practices and accountability. For the first time, industry expert Mike Anderson from Collision Advice will be teaching a course specific to Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The new B0030 Collision Estimator Essentials course will launch in April 2018. The class is offered at only $495 per person to non-certified Toyota and Lexus collision centers and at no charge to Toyota and Lexus Certified Collision Centers.

The two-day class will cover topics like identifying collision damage by using Toyota Information System (TIS), which covers Toyota’s OEM repair procedures, and performing a health check with Toyota’s Techstream. You will also gain a true customer service perspective, including keeping customers informed of the vehicle status, providing on-time delivery, and ensuring the vehicle is fixed right the first time.

Visit the University of Toyota site,, where you’ll be able to log in with your Toyota/Lexus SPIN and dealer code to register for B0030.