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Toyota firmly believes that when you put the customer first everything else will follow. As a collision repair provider, you know that putting the customer first means making sure that every repair is completed with the customer’s safety, security and satisfaction in mind. The best way to ensure the highest quality repair and your customer’s satisfaction is to use Genuine Toyota Parts. Toyota wants to ensure that nothing stands in the way of a shop’s ability to choose Genuine Toyota Parts. Toyota understood that they were not competitive with other aftermarket windshield prices, and acted swiftly and boldly, finding a way to provide the same quality product at an even more competitive price. Toyota strives to overcome all obstacles that prevent a customer from keeping his or her Toyota a Toyota, and that’s why as of July 1 of this year, all Genuine Toyota Windshields have been reduced in price by 40%, making them far more competitive with aftermarket options!


There is a difference in both quality and reliability between a Genuine Toyota Windshield and an after-market replacement windshield. Some aftermarket glass parts don’t match the tolerance, thickness or shape of OEM auto glass parts, which may threaten the functionality and safety of your customer’s vehicle. Aftermarket glass can also have higher rates of leakage, wind noise, imprecise fits, solar performance and optical distortions, meaning that your customer may be left frustrated with a windshield that they are forced to replace more than once. Furthermore, aftermarket windshields may have higher levels of residual stress and may crack more easily than OEM glass. Ultimately, using aftermarket glass puts the integrity of your repair at risk. Be sure to reiterate the importance of using a Genuine Toyota Windshield over aftermarket options to your customers to help prevent further, preventable repairs and to help ensure that they are both safe and satisfied with the quality of your repair.


Many new technologies built into Toyota vehicles are dependent on the windshield in order to function properly and safely. Using a Genuine Toyota Windshield helps to ensure that your customer’s vehicle can continue to operate seamlessly with these technologies.

Some of these technologies are:

  • FORWARD RECOGNITION CAMERA. The Forward Recognition Camera detects objects in front of the vehicle and provides input to the Pre-Collision, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Automatic High Beam and Lane Departure Alert systems. A mounting bracket built specifically into Genuine Toyota Windshields helps provide the camera with clear
    “vision” to the area ahead of the vehicle required for proper system operation.
  • RAIN SENSOR. The Rain Sensor detects the presence of raindrops on the windshield and sends signals to control the wiper speed at the optimal wiper timing. Infrared rays emitted by the rain sensor LED are reflected by a Genuine Toyota Windshield at varying rates depending on the absence or presence of rain.
  • HEADS UP DISPLAY PROJECTOR. The Heads Up Display Projector projects vehicle information, such as miles per hour and fuel consumption, onto the windshield for a safe and convenient view while driving. Genuine Toyota Windshields have a wedge-shaped inner film with varying degrees of thickness between the layers of glass designed to clearly display vehicle information without a double image.
  • WINDSHIELD DEICER HEATING ELEMENT. The Windshield Deicer Heating Element heats up the windshield to help remove frost and ice where the front wipers rest. A heating element is integrated into the glass of a Genuine Toyota Wind-shield and the amount of element resistance is designed to operate properly with the electrical system of your customer’s Toyota.
  • UV PROTECTION. The UV Protection is integrated into Genuine Toyota Windshields and is designed to protect against harmful UV rays up to 100% in some models.
  • ACOUSTIC LAMINATION. The Acoustic Lamination is integrated into Genuine Toyota Windshields between the different layers of glass and helps reduce ambient noise inside the cabin for increased passenger comfort.

By reducing the price on Genuine Toyota Windshields by 40%, Toyota hopes to make it more affordable for your customers to keep their Toyota a Toyota, and to help maintain the safety, quality and reliability that they have come to expect with their Toyota vehicle. Using Genuine Toyota Windshields helps to ensure the quality of your repair and the safety and satisfaction of your customers, so be sure to reiterate the importance of using Genuine Toyota Windshields to your customers!