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The All-New 2015 RC Coupe

LONG, LOW AND SLEEK, the RC coupes striking exterior is infused with deeply contoured linesintegrating the lowest and widest application of the Lexus spindle grille. The RC 350 will be available in a rear-wheel drive (RWD) with a 3.5L V6 engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission or an all-wheel drive (AWD) with a 3.5L V6 engine with a six-speed automatic transmission. The RC 350 F SPORT will be available in RWD with a 3.5L V6 engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission or an AWD version with a 3.5L V6 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. The F SPORT version includes standard Adaptive Variable Suspension and the Lexus Dynamic Handling (LDH) system.


THE RC 350


The sharp cutoff at the trunk edge helps to smooth airflow from the roof. Additionally, the angle of the rear under cover has been raised for optimum aerodynamic effect. No surface went unconsidered. Front and rear wheel spats reduce airflow hitting the tires. Front fender liners feature an aerogroove shape to help direct airflow along the tires in the same direction as the wheel rotation. The rear fender liners have a bead to direct tire-generated airflow to the outside of the vehicle.


  • Muscular five-spoke, 18-inch wheels


  • 077 Starfire Pearl
  • 083 Ultra White (F SPORT Model)
  • 1H9 Nebula Gray Pearl
  • 1J4 Silver Lining Metallic
  • 1J7 Atomic Silver
  • 212 Obsidian
  • 3T5 Infrared
  • 8X1 Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0


  • Contrasting colors and materials
  • Lexus-first lighting package that illuminates upward


  • Enlarged rocker cross-section
  • Laser screw welding
  • High-rigidity structural adhesive to help secure windshield
  • Braces added to radiator support and number two cross member



Hot-stamped steel sheets of up to 217,500 psi tensile strength are used in key areas along the vehicle’s front and side. Strategic use of high-strength steel is part of the RC 350’s collision protection measures.



Lexus chose a naturally aspirated V6 for its instantaneous response and performance- driving character, with a refined growl under acceleration and a pleasant but quiet demeanor when cruising. An intake sound generator further enhances sonic appeal under acceleration. The 3.5-liter Lexus V6 propels the 2015 RC 350 with 306 horsepower and 277 lb.-ft. of torque, while an aluminum block and heads keep weight in check. Credit for the broad torque curve and quick response goes to dual variable valve timing (VVT-i) and the D-4S system of direct and port fuel injection.



The 2015 Lexus RC 350 features an eight-speed Sports Program Direct Shift (SPDS) transmission that debuted in the IS F high performance sedan—combining the best of both worlds: torque converter smoothness and shifting speed of a dual clutch.



The SPDS transmission has three driver-selectable modes—ECO, NORMAL and SPORT. It features full torque converter lockup from second to eighth gears for “clutchless” manual shifting— with downshifts of just 0.10 seconds in M mode; the transmission’s throttle blipping control matches engine speed to the gear. The Drive Mode Select system enables the RC 350 to “listen” to the driver, while the console dial lets the driver select performance response and feel. Drive Mode Select tailors vehicle powertrain, electric power-assisted steering assist, air conditioning and suspension to the user’s needs.

Transmission shift control responds to slight changes in accelerator pedal operation for an even more dynamic driving feel, with eight select ratios to balance the needs of performance driving and fuel efficiency. Compared to the Lexus six-speed automatic transmission, first gear is 8.5 percent shorter and top gear is 2.9 percent taller.



Lexus employed much higher damping forces, using larger diameter stabilizer bars front and rear, all without adversely affecting ride comfort. At the front, the RC gets a new suspension upper support, coil spring, damper, stabilizer bar, stabilizer bar bushing and lower number two bushing.



The Lexus RC 350’s aerodynamic performance leverages the flow of air over and under the car to help optimize control, especially when traveling at high speeds. Aerodynamic handling stability features begin with an overall body shape that minimizes drag for enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced noise. The rear quarter panels are designed to smooth the airflow around the vehicle.


THE RC 350 F

  • Aluminum hood
  • Roof available in carbon fiber or steel
  • Active rear wing raises to improve stability at high speeds
  • Roof panel laser-brazed to outside panel
  • High-damping mastic sealer on roof panel reinforcements reduces panel vibration
  • Roof panel brazed directly to side members, eliminating need for roof drip molding



The awe-inspiring RC F will offer 467 hp on forged alloy wheels and a 5.0-liter V8, exclusive body design, track-tuned chassis and available torque-vectoring differential. The F SPORT includes standard Adaptive Variable Suspension and the Lexus Dynamic Handling (LDH) system.