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How to Enroll in Collision Repair and Refinish Training Courses

THERE ARE SEVERAL WAYS TO QUALIFY FOR CR&R TRAINING COURSES. Whether you are part of a Certified Toyota or Lexus dealership or an independent collision center or you work as a professional making repair decisions in the collision repair industry, you can attend Toyota Collision Repair & Refinish Training. Be sure to read below and find out how you can take advantage of Toyota’s CR&R Training courses!


If you are employed by a certified Toyota, Lexus or Scion collision center, you automatically qualify and have required courses that you must attend in order to stay up to date. For a full spectrum of information regarding the courses you must take, go to the CR&R Info tab on and select Certification to see the requirements of your specific certification program.


If you are an independent collision repair professional, then enrolling in CR&R Training courses requires a sponsorship by your local Toyota dealership. You will need to foster a positive relationship with your local Toyota Wholesale Parts Manager, who is the key to sponsoring you for enrollment in CR&R Training courses. Reach out to your local Wholesale Parts Manager to get the conversation started, and take a look at the illustrations on the next page, which offer you a step-by-step guide as to how you can enroll in and attend CR&R Training courses.


Toyota Collision Repair & Refinish Training courses are also available to professionals in the collision repair industry, such as: insurance companies, repair inspectors, state agencies, educators, tool and equipment manufacturers and the like. To find out more information about how you can attend Toyota CR&R Training courses, contact CR&R Training directly by emailing:

1. Reach out to your local Toyota Wholesale Parts manager and ask them to sponsor you for Toyota CR&R Training Courses.

Sponsoring dealer has the following responsibilities:

– Arrange payment for training with IRF

CR&R training will bill dealer parts statement

– Enter independent repair facility (IRF) personnel into staffmaster

IRF job codes have no effect on dealer rewards

2. Fill out a Toyota secure personal identification number (SPIN) form, found on under the CR&R info tab, for each person that you wish to send to Toyota Collision Repair and Refinish Training courses.

*Be sure to select the proper job code, at the bottom of the form, for each person.

3. Once completed, email or print all of your finished spin forms to your local Wholesale Parts Manager.

4. Your Wholesale Parts manager will then reach out to his or her Customer Relations manager to get you your spin. Together they will input your information into Staffmaster as well as grant you access to Toyota’s Technical Information System (TIS).

5. Your Wholesale Parts manager will give you your new spin numbers and your TIS log in information to enroll in CR&R training courses online at

6. You and your team can now use your spin numbers to take online pre-work courses and to enroll in CR&R Training instructor-led courses.

7. Now you have a direct relationship with a Toyota Technical expert and can receive the full benefits of Toyota Collision Repair & Refinish Training!