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Paint by Numbers


Paint codes and paint formulas help you precisely match a vehicle’s color during the repair process. Understanding what they mean and where to find them can help the repair process go more smoothly.

  1. Paint Code—a three-character identifier that Toyota uses to label each unique exterior paint color it produces. It can be found on the bottom left of the label on the vehicle’s door jamb and in tis. The code is generated by Toyota.
  1. Paint Formula—the recipe that gives the appropriate mixture of base and pigments needed to create a specific color. Each paint company develops its own formula for Toyota colors from paint samples provided by Toyota. This means formulas for the same vehicle color can be different depending on the paint supplier.

If your paint system does not recognize a Toyota paint code, this most likely means that it does not have a formula for that particular color. This is common with new colors, which sometimes haven’t been updated in the paint system yet. First, update your paint mixing system database. If the system still does not recognize the code, contact your paint provider’s technical hotline or your field rep directly for assistance.

Toyota does not provide paint codes for under-hood colors or wheel colors. Typically, paint providers will provide a color deck that technicians can use to match these colors.


Toyota offers several online and instructor-led paint courses to help you improve your color matching skills and painting techniques. Visit for more information.