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Sharpen Your Welding Skills


Toyota offers both convenience and flexibility when it comes to collision repair training classes. Participants can take on-line and instructor-led classes to become more familiar with Toyota’s specific welding specifications and techniques.

Welding Techniques for Collision Repair (PB300/PLB300) provides access to welding training information-based resources, without a trip to a training center. This is a win-win for many collision repair professionals, like estimators and managers who don’t actually weld on Toyota/Lexus vehicles on a regular basis. The self-paced e-learning will explain different types of welds, how to tune a welder and how to test weld strength. You’ll learn how to properly maintain welding equipment, how to prepare weld-on components for Toyota/Lexus vehicles, how to test for weld strength on both MIG and squeeze-type resistance welds and how to use TIS to find model-specific welding specifications.

Once you’ve completed PB300/PLB300, you’ll be ready to take the instructor-led (IL) Welding Techniques for Collision Repair (T300/L300) available at any one of Toyota’s Collision Repair & Refinish Training centers. You’ll be expected to pass a written test at the conclusion of the course, and also demonstrate competency during a hands-on welding lab. You must complete welds as instructed that pass the scrutiny of the instructor and demonstrate the skills needed for welded component replacement. Strong welds are the key to properly and safely restoring a damaged vehicle to OE specifications. You’ll also learn about the heat-affect caused during welding and how to manage it and, how to produce welds that don’t require excessive grinding, which is often overlooked. This training will help collision repair professionals produce quality welds that are both strong and visually appealing

For additional training opportunities, or to register for a class, visit WWW.CRRTRAINING.COM