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Toyota Transform the Way Repair Plans & Estimates are Written

Toyota made big news at the end of 2013 by being the first original equipment manufacturer to offer complete repair plans that supply all Toyota recommended repair procedures, parts and additional information during therepair planning process. The idea for the tool was first introduced to Collision Pros readers as Predictive Estimating in January of 2013. Since then, Toyota selected Mitchell International, Inc., to incorporate the idea into its new estimatingsoftware, which will serve as a one-stop shop for creating estimates and repair plans. The new system, now officially called Toyota Recommended

Repair Procedures, is set to revolutionize the collision industry.
“There has never been an OEM standard for estimates in the industry,” says Rick Leos, Collision Business Development Consultant, Marketing Division, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.“Toyota is the first to give a standard— the first OEM to give you all the right procedures and all the right information, all in one place.”

Toyota Recommended Repair Procedures will be included free of charge in Mitchell’s new web-based estimating solution and will provide users with CRIBs, relevant pages from TIS, information on non-reusable parts, step-bystep recommended procedures and any other published documentation. This means that technicians no longer need to flip between different sources to find all the information they need for a repair.

“The beauty of Toyota Recommended Repair Procedures is that it is easy to use and provides shops with incredibly thorough documentation and information for the repair they are working on,” Leos explains. “Estimators and technicians can worry less about if they have missed some crucial step
or piece of information, because now everything they need to know is all in one place for them.”